2016 Educated Guess Cab Sauv Review



I know Kelly's Picks are supposed to be under $20 but y'all can forego the coffee one morning and spend the extra $3. I have to be honest I wasn't expecting much with this one as it has a trendy label, off-the-wall name and the cork gave me a tad bit of trouble.

Good thing I don't rate on those things because this wine is excellent. The nose was a bit odd and reminded me of brie (da cheeeeezeee) but it's probably all the glue...

It is a dry cab and even better it has oak notes. If it were a spicy wine I would have bumped it over 3.9 WHICH IS GRANDDDD. The finish is quite pleasant and it wants / dares / wishes to be a bit spicy but it's just not there. And honestly, that's ok. You do you, boo.

Enjoy this wine alone watching reruns of Law and Order: SVU or Dexter. It will NOT pair with any other show. I would recommend having this wine with some Mexican or Thai food as it will be a nice contrast of dry and spicy flavor.

Pick this up and take as a gift - your guests will thank you. Or take as gift, open it, drink too much, steal the homeowner's batteries from their TV remote and laugh.