2013 Four Roses Single Barrel Limited Edition Bourbon Review



If you read my 2012 bottle review of this product then you know why I tried this one too - I WAS FEELIN' GOOD AND MONEY IS JUST A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT, MAN! But please donate to my go fund me...

This bottle was limited to 6559 bottles, is the OBSK recipe and was aged for 13 years. See my 2012 review for the funny joke.

In da nose I got medicinal cherry and graham cracker which you can attribute to a slightly higher rye content in this mashbill. In da mouf I got gingerbread and cocoa which had a very potent spice aspect to it. The mouthfeel was very intense and quivered in its presence.

I liked the 2012 version far more but this one definitely made a statement. This is the drunk ass cousin who wants to crash at your place but you're pretty confident he's going to rip something off the wall on accident and never pay you back for breakfast.