2013 Sazerac 18 Rye Review



I tried the latest Sazerac 18 release in Kentucky (you can read about it here) just a few weeks ago and it tasted like soapy shit. I was really disappointed but after talking to some people that know way more than me (which is pretty much everyone) they informed me it was completely different pre-2016. This gave me hope.

I recently drove to New Orleans to take this pompous ass cat to his new owners (long story - it's not a big deal) and on the way back I met up with a good friend of mine (an original Bad Wine Reviews loyalist) and we stopped for a quick drink at The Lost Cove in Baton Rouge. The place was a legitimate whiskey bar and they had some older releases of BTAC and other harder to find whiskies. They were out of their goddamn minds on some prices but one particular pour wasn't bad at all - you guessed it! This 2013 Sazerac 18.

I of course ordered it and tingled all over like a raccoon near some garbage. One whiff and I knew this was completely different than the dick swill I had up in Kentucky. In da nose I got a very complex swirl of fruits, floral notes and whipped cream. One of the best nosing whiskies I have had to date. In da mouf I got dried berries and honeycomb that finished into this wonderful cocoa. This was absolutely incredible and I understand why people pay a lot for this bad bitch.

I can't afford a bottle of this but I was happier than a pig in shit to try it. If you're in Baton Rouge and you love good whiskey you're dumb if you don't swing by this place and grab yourself a pour. This is the kind of drink you think about when your kids want you to look at some dumbass thing they're doing with some foil or some shit.