2018 Buffalo Trace "William Larue Weller (WLW)" Bourbon Review



*Note the 2017 bottle is shown and shoutout to Bad Wine Reviews loyalist, Brandt King for hooking me up with this sample

For the 12 of you that watch my videos (hi, mom!) you'll know that I drunkenly reviewed the 2017 WLW at the beach last year in a sweet American flag tank top with my brother-in-law, Ben - you can watch that here. My tan was perfect but my blood alcohol content was not. I did however remember how delicious the 2017 version was and it definitely out-performed this vintage.

This is part of the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection (BTAC) released in late fall / early winter of each year. This, in my opinion, is the best one of the lot on average but this year I think I have to give the nod to the George T. Stagg. This bottle sells on the secondary market for the stupid fucking price of $700+ because people have more money than sense.

Let's talk nose and mouth stuff. In da nostrils I get raw honeycomb and that orange chocolate thing - y'all remember that Terry's Orange Chocolate? Yeah that thing, bruh. In da mouf I get tart cocoa, oak, butter and cinnamon. Not in that order just all mixed up in a KitchenAid mixer that you leave on too long and it becomes liquid. I've heard this thing is over-oaked - I'm definitely getting oak but not the, "Oh...that oak tree just shit in my mouth" thing going on.

As per usual if you can find it at or around retail buy the shit out of it but you won't. Try it at a bar just don't pay stupid amounts of money for it.