ArteNOM Seleccion 1146 Añejo Tequila Review



This bottle was provided to me by a Bad Wine Reviews Loyalist - Mark Edmondson. To Mark, we say thank you or in Spanish, tanks! So Mark was explaining to me how this bottle came to be in my possession. Basically, Mark was fawning over Bad Wine Reviews while at someone's house and this individual said something to the effect of, "THEY DON'T KNOW GOOD TEQUILA [BOOZE] - HERE LET THEM TRY THIS!" While it's not a perfect( nor direct nor accurate) quote it's good enough to consider it a challenge.

I don't know shit about this tequila - do some Googlin' if you so desire. I do think it's fun that they capitalized the NOM in ArteNOM though.

Aight so one thing I learned about my body, besides its throbbing girth, is that I'm not a huge fan of tequilas that straight up tequila. In fact, I never knew there was such a thing as really badass tequila (until two years ago) that was as complex as other fine ass spirits. So the first thing I noticed when I popped the cork on this dude is that it has a very strong traditional tequila scent. I made a face. However, I kept my nose buried in it and took some big whiffs and that scent faded and hidden notes behind a book case came out to get some air.

Behind the tequila scent came some cinnamon and orange. This made my face a little better. In da mouf, it started out very calm with nut and orange flavors that at first finished off into a peppery, butter and spice crescendo! But that's where things took a weird turn. No joke like 10 solid seconds later the actual finish hit and I'm not sure what was going on. It was oakey, slightly bitter and surprisingly hot as it went down. At first, I thought I was having a stroke or aneurism so I tested it out several times and the same thing happened again and again.

I must say if the finish had stopped at the spice / butter part I would have easily kicked this dude into a mid three zone but I'm not sure what was happening. I'm sure that it's some fancy tequila thing that makes me a simpleton for not appreciating but I also liked the show, Jerseylicious we are.

It's a very good tequila but that $70 price tag is hiiiiiiigh for what you're getting in my opinion. Disagree? Let me know! Or don't!