Buffalo Trace Single Barrel Select Richardson & Cook #2 Review



This is a pretty cool bottle here. My dad met a buddy through church and turns out this guy is a pretty big enjoyer of the devil's water. Also turns out he likes to buy his own barrels which means he's not a commoner and is way more badass than myself. This non-commoner badass then gave my dad a bottle to give to me. Sometimes things are good.

Obviously I have no history on this bottle. I have no idea how old it is or how they arrived at the decision to select this particular one. I can, with about 93% certainty, tell you it's bourbon and it's a type of alcohol.

In da nose, I get pancakes and gingerbread. No joke. It's incredibly sweet both in the olfactory and then on the palate. In da mouf, I get syrup and caramel with a nice, even finish that is about what you'd expect from 90 proof. Not wildly impressive but certainly not something that is to be looked down upon.

I'm fascinated with the barrel picking process and I'm even more fascinated by some guy who said IMMA BUY THIS WHOLE MF BARREL! DON'T @ ME. I would say buy this but you can't so lol at your face.