Glenmorangie Necatar D'or 12 Year Scotch Review



Tonight I'm painfully having to type a review that I've been avoiding because of my love for the distillery. I've had this bottle for a couple years now so I guess it's time for us to have a showdown. I'm talking about the Glenmorangie 12 Year Nectar D'or Single Malt Scotch "matured" in Bourbon then Sauternes (sweet French Bordeaux dessert wine) casks.

The first time I had this I was camping and I thought this would be a delightful drink to have around a fire in super cold weather. Turns out it's the opposite. But it's not that it wasn't great around a fire it's that it's not great anywhere. I tried it again this evening thinking that I've grown up and my palate is far more refined - wrong. My palate was perfect when I came out da womb.

On the nose I get the scent of those really delicious creamsicles but this particular one has been left in the freezer too long and feels a bit mushy. Ya know the kind that it was just the one that fell out of the box 6 months ago collecting frost? Anyway, I smell that and legitimately hay.

All it takes for me to regret my decision is the first sip. It's awfully sour with a nasty bite reminiscent of when you forget to add sugar to your grapefruit. I added some water to it to see if it calmed it down but the taste is overpowering. I'm not sure if the mix of spice from the Bourbon barrel mixed with the sweet Sauternes is too much of an offset but I'm not a fan.

If you're going to spend $45 on a Glenmorangie product then I recommend the Quinta Ruban. You can read my review of that on here.