High West Yippee-Ki-Yay Rye Whiskey Review



This review is probably going to be unpopular for a variety of reasons - the biggest two are that people won't like it and that people won't read it. That's pretty much the recipe for something being unpopular.

I've never been a huge fan of the whiskies High West is putting out. It's nothing against them, Mormons or Utah but I just can't seem to mesh with their stuff. Granted, until recently most of their product has been sourced whiskey so I was planning on giving it a few years before taking a complete side. I am however not on the fence about this EXACT bottling because no, sir! I don't like it!

SO WHAT DO I NOT LIKE ABOUT IT?! I'LL TELL YA! But before I do I'll walk you through the whole thang. The nose is actually quite pleasant - caramel and barley and little-to-no hint of that synthetic rye smell. Where it starts to take the turn for me is in da mouf. On the palate there is a luke-warm oatmeal taste before you add any flavor to it that transitions into a sour, tangy rye finish that ruins the whole experience. Honestly, if the finish wasn't so bleh I would give this a much higher rating.

This particular bottle is a bit older so I'm going to review another one after some time to see how a bottle with more of High West's product compares to this. I think there are much better ryes for the price so just look around. *eye roll - yes, I've had the Midwinter's Night Dram and eh, it's ok. Get off me.