Lheraud Grand Champagne 1973 Vintage Cognac Review



This is the second Lheraud that has graced my review site and an excellent expression of a house ripe with tradition. I reviewed the 1950 vintage and you can read about that here. In that review is information on the Lheraud family and some history.

If you're not a Cognac lover then you're missing out on the body's 6th sense - elation. Everything that comes out of Lheraud is gold and if I was a wealthy rapper I would have nocturnal company pour these bottles on me while playing Mario Kart 64 in my marble hot tub.

While this is not as expressive as its 1950 daddy it sure is one hell of a drink. In da nostrils I get French toast and soft cinnamon notes. Ya know when cinnamon burns your body? It's not like that. Calm cinnamon like what I imagine a 1%-er retirement home smells like. In da mouf I get doctored up coffee and vanilla cream that lasts for days. The finish is the best part of Lheraud Cognacs because you can taste every single note for several minutes.

Do yourself a favor and find a way to try this, or any other vintage, once in your life. When you do think of me and my marble hot tub.