Henry McKenna 10 Year Bourbon Review



Most of you probably have only experienced bourbon in the form of Jim Beam and other butthole liquids but allow your eyes to be truly opened to the idea that not only is Bill Cosby guilty but bourbon can be a delicious sipping brew.

So this drank won best bourbon at the San Francisco Spirits Competition which means people will begin hoarding them and trying to sell on the secondary market for $tupid money. If you can get your greasy hands on it I highly recommend.

This is "bottled in bond" which in the distilling world means that the distiller is trying to pay off debts and is currently under bond by a debtor. OMG JK. This means the bourbon was bottled at 100 proof and aged at least four years, was made at a single distillery by one distiller in one season in a federally bonded and supervised warehouse.

One of the things I look for in both the devil's water and lunch shift adult entertainers is a pleasant smell. The nose reminds me of creme bruleé. On the front end it is immediately full of flavor with very little burn (not the same result as the lunch shift entertainers). It is incredibly smooth with the flavor lasting several minutes between sips. When drinking any good spirit I've found it beneficial to swish it around on the first go so you can either enjoy the full, aerated flavor or vomit immediately.

At $30 this is a must for anyone looking to build a nice bar collection and have a go-to bourbon. Or you could be kind of a bitch and keep drinking swill. Up to you.