Angel's Envy Finished Rye Review



For those of you that are just getting into the spirit world of alcohol I don’t typically recommend a rye to jump into. I always felt that ryes were a bit sour and focused too heavily on being overly spicy…but then I grew up and started trying better thangs. There are some fantastic ryes out there and this particular gem is just one of them.

Before I get into rating this Angel’s Butt, let’s start by identifying what the hell a rye is. By United States law (THE ONLY LAW THAT FUCKING MATTERS) a rye whisky must be at least 51% rye in the mash with the other ingredients typically made up of corn and malted barley. It’s a similar requirement to Bourbon - YES I KNOW NOT EXACTLY SIMILAR SO CHILL OUT, NERDS. Anyway, I personally feel like ryes are making some headway in the fancy booze category with the way Americans are able to freely experiment and craft unique, top quality spirits.

Aight, ya taints let’s get into this here devil’s water. I had the pleasure of being pretty drunk and trying this at my newly found bro, Taylor’s house last month in South Carolina. He was going on and on about how good it was and damn if he wasn’t right. This drank spends 18 months at the end of its life aging in rum casks and hot diggity damn it’s legal, baby. On the nose I get hazelnut, Mrs. Buttersworth syrup and some shu-gah. That first sip makes you realize it spent 18 months locked up in the rum can and the drink is incredibly sweet. You almost forget you’re drinking a whisky at this point because the rum is almost over powering - not in a bad way. There’s a lasting finish that has you coming back quicker than you should and that’s what I like in a whisky - BEG FOR MEEEEEE!

Whenever I have a lickuh I like to think where / what setting it would taste the best in. For example, I think high end Cognacs are best enjoyed in slightly cool weather with a cigar and at a place where you’re encouraged to throw money at people. This whisky can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime in my opinion. I think whether you took it camping or sipped it neat next to a pool you would not be wrong. I’m sure there is some fancy ass cocktail that this would rock in but I don’t want my potions contaminated with nonsense. So whether you’re a hairless babe just out ya mother’s womb or an experienced whisky drinker you will really enjoy this shit.

I’ve only seen it on the shelf in two stores - I bought mine from Memorial Fine Wines and Spirits so if you’re in the Houston area go by and snag you a bottle. Apparently it’s allocated which is stupid but like most great things you’re not allowed to have it. Anyway - go buy this bitch.