Four Roses Single Barrel "Flaks Liquor" Bourbon Review



It’s amazing to me how wildly different recipes can taste bottle to bottle. Four Roses bottles are a testament to that because of their recipe setup and you can get a completely different universe between each single barrel.

This pick is from Flaks Liquor in Houston. That's all.

I've never done this before but I'll save you the trouble - do you like mint? If you like mint you'll rate this a 400 + Boobies / 5. If you don't like mint you'll rate it a 0. I like mint but don't love it being shoved in my urethra so I gave it a 3.44 which is pretty good but not AMAZING.

This is one of the most unique bourbons I have ever had and I was stoked to find something that tasted like a Kool methol cigarette. JK but it was minty as hell. I really appreciate that this one is so different though as trying to come up with other ways to describe caramel, creme brulee and chocolate is getting hard af.