Balvenie 15 Sherry Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky Review



The first time I had this scotch was in San Antonio with my father and I picked it up at a liquor store so we could drink it at Finck's Cigar Store (great place btw - definitely go by there if you're in town). We fired up some stogies, popped this bottle and both paused. We looked at each other in disbelief because this shit was so damn good. A half bottle later I was throwing up in the parking lot of our hotel after some shitty ramen.

This bottle is aged for 15 beautiful years in European Sherry casks where it aged thinking about how great it was going to be. I'm quite confident those Scots over at Balvenie read this particular offering bedtime stories, massage its butt (HA SHERRY BUTT GET IT!) and feed it the finest, purest Scottish children. Beautiful.

Everything about this bottle is what a Sherry aged scotch should be - the nose is full of dried fruits, nutmeg and for those of you that have been there, a German Christmas Market. It smells so much like it. The nose goes deep too - goes right on into the belly. In da mouf I get poundcake if it was covered in Sherry and some really dense cocoa. The finish lasted 73 days so that's a good thing. Balvenie just crushes it, man. They do Scotch right.

If you're a Scotch lover and not all over this bottle you're crazy. This is absolutely worth far more than $115 and would be a wonderful gift or participant in a bottle share. I took this bottle, unopened, to a friend's house recently for his graduation party and the bottle was nearly killed in a few hours. Buy this and drink it with your mouth.