2019 Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon Longhorn Liquor Store Pick Review



These Four Roses picks are going to be the financial death of me at $68 per pop but they're so damn good. So back to selling crack I go!

This is yet another release from Longhorn Liquor and you can read all about them in some of my previous posts. Just know they have a ridiculous selection at great prices and apparently they churn out private picks like Hillary adds body counts. This is another one I got to try prior to release and if this continues Imma need my own dressing room. #divalife

This is an OBSQ so it's supposed to be floral and spicy. Well guess what I got?! In da nose I got blooming roses (FLORAL!), whipped cream and a juicy selection of apricots. This is probably the best nose I've experienced in a Four Roses private barrel - no joke. In da mouf I got white pepper (SPICE!), a bitter palate of cocoa and a very calm finish of high quality cigar smoke. While the nose was impeccable I was initially put off with the front of the palate as that spice and cocoa battled it out in an aggressive way but the cigar smoke came in and saved the day. Unintentional rhyme. Now I'm not saying this is bad - was just a complete 180 from the nose.

Overall this bottle is worth it for the nose alone - absolutely incredible. Had the palate matched the intensity and sexuality of the nose this thing would be a near mid-4 all day long. This bottle is worth every penny and you will absolutely enjoy it and be happy with your $68 plus tax decision.