HBS HBS HBS HBS HBS 2018 Maker's Mark Private Select Whiskey Review



After participating in that pick-a-thon with Maker’s Mark the other day, and being proud of what we chose, I wanted to try some others. I drove around in my 1997 Geo Metro screaming questions at random liquor stores like, "DO YOU HAVE THE SPECIAL BROWN JUICE?!" and "HEY DO YOU HAVE THE GOOD STUFF FOR MY MOUTH?!" It was shockingly unsuccessful.

After failing miserably at random attacks I decided to drive over to my good friends at Liquor Hut (THEY DIDN'T PICK IT JUST SOLD IT) in Mont Belvieu (THAT'S WHERE I LIVE, YO!). They of course didn't let me down and I snagged this bad boy PICKED BY THE HOUSTON BOURBON SOCIETY. I've heard fantastic things about it but I'LL BE THE ULTIMATE JUDGE! So as you know by reading my writeup on the Maker's Mark Private Select Program HERE the process is done by selecting an assortment of staves. This one is 3 Baked American Pure 2, 1 Seared French Cuvee, 2 Roasted French Mocha and 4 Toasted French Spice.

In da nose I got crème brûlée, walnut and clove in that order and that order only. The nose on this thing is the best part. It's like my nostrils had taste buds and they drank that smell. In da mouf I got thick pepper spice, maple bacon (seriously) and pure vanilla. The kind of vanilla that comes in the tiny tube you can get fucked up on.

I haven't been all up on these bottles but man I'm starting to feel them. Granted I've had a couple that were pure trash but that's because they had too much of the shitty Maker's 46 and Mocha staves. Fuck those.