Eagle Rare "Longhorn Liquor" Store Pick Bourbon Review



I feel so starstruck by my own face as this would be the first bottle that I had the pleasure of reviewing PRIOR to its release. A Bad Wine Reviews loyalist said something to the effect of "Naturdays and White Claws..." in reference to my palate so that should ward off anyone valuing my opinion. However, I'll seize this opportunity to solidify myself as the 69th best whiskey reviewer in Mont Belvieu, Texas.

This lil' harlot hails from Longhorn Liquor in Beaumont, TX. Well all of east Texas basically but I grabbed it at the Beaumont store. I've been a fan of their picks so far and I expect nothing less of this or I'll set up a picket line in front until I get my money back. As you all know Eagle Rare comes in the form of 90 proof and is for some dumb fucking reason allocated. SO THAT MAKES THIS INSANELY ALLOCATED RIGHT?! Whatevs.

ON TO THE REVIEW! In da nose I get an extremely complex and unique mix of raisins and this very particular blackberry brandy I had one time in Poland. None of you will know it because you're not very worldly unlike me. If you tip your glass and smell toward the top you'll also get a very clear scent of licorice that is just delightful. In da mouf I get an initial wave of salted caramel and nougat that finishes with a coffee bean note that makes you think you're listening to lame ass poetry in a Starbucks. If I did this blind I would think this is more of a 100ish proof whiskey - the mouthfeel is extremely nice for the proof. The only negative for me is the finish comes off slightly bitter but I think that's the coffee bean thang coming in hawt.

I'm not just saying this because Longhorn is paying me millions (re: zero) of dollars to say nice things but I love this (also feel free to ask the owner as I told him if I hate something he picks I'll post it here so hard and bash him relentlessly). I'm not a huge Eagle Rare fan as I think it's vastly overrated but this is really fucking nice. It's not like any Eagle Rare I've had before and the nose is so unique that I'm not sure how you don't love it. Go stand in line like serfs and pick one up.