Longhorn Liquor 2019 Elijah Craig Store Pick Review



This is the second Longhorn Liquor pick to grace my mouth which is certainly better than some of the other things to grace my mouth. Good thing this is an alcohol review site and not um...other stuff. Anyway this dropped last week and it sold out right quick and in a hurry. Of course you'd have to be selling booze in Dominican Republic to not move brown water nowadays.

This is actually my first Elijah Craig store pick to review because in all honesty I haven't been that high on EC in the past. I think their base product is meh and their father of bourbon slogan is a bit of a stretch as that's wildly hard to prove. But history and factual integrity have no place in this hell hole.

In da nose I get honey and jam that was smothered on a piece of toast, pecans and a metric shit ton of oak. If you tilt your glass and smell the top of it that honey comes through harder than Brian Windhorst's boner for Lebron. In da mouf I got very bold spice / pepper followed by some corn on the cob dipped in butter. This drank hotter than 94 proof and I think the pepper notes helped that.

Overall I think it differs enough from your standard EC small batch to stand out as something worth the purchase. With so many picks coming out nowadays stores are really striving to get that IT factor to separate themselves from Jimbo's Erotic Video and Bourbon Pick Emporium. While I wish these EC picks had a little more fruit action going on in the mouth I think the balance of the sweet nose and earthy taste made for a very enjoyable experience. It was this or watching Jessica Alba's dance scene from Sin City for the 7000th time so I'm happy with my decision.