Russell's Reserve Single Barrel - NuNu's Market Pick Review



Russell’s Reserve picks seem to be one of the most well received bottles out there that tend to be relatively available. This particular bottle was sitting on a shelf at NuNu's Market in Scott, Louisiana waiting for me to put my fingers and mouth all over it.

NuNu's Market is a grocery chain in and around the Lafayette, Louisiana area that has specialty meats, fantastic wine and a pretty badass liquor selection. I didn't know they did picks but I was cheery and tingly when I saw this in the store. They also had a ton of Eagle Rare but who gives a shit?

In da nose I got honey and gingerbread right on the front. As I poured out a little onto the table and snorted it I got a nice little candycane action. In da mouf the initial taste was great with explosive chocolate covered cherries that melded into this soft butter taste. Then came the finish. That fucking finish. Acetone for days, man. Had the finish not been disastrous I would have scored this near a 4.

This had the potential to be a great pick but crashed at the end. I think it's still very enjoyable and I will have fun pouring it for people and staring at them like that Jack Nicholson gif where he's just shaking his head up and down (click here).