Old Forester "Twin Liquors" Bourbon Review



After having that Gibby’s Old Forester pick (read it here) I’m a bit spoiled on the quality of these bad boys so I hold them to quite a high standard. Old Forester puts out a nice lineup in general and these 90 proof store picks taste and drink far better than the alcohol content would lead you to believe.

This particular bottle came from the Victoria Twin Liquors location where I stumbled in after a seven day cocaine and anime bender looking for a Gatorade.

In da nostrils I get Werther's candy and maple syrup that is just delightful - reminds me of a Cracker Barrel when you're still a little hungover but you're meeting your inlaws for breakfast and they probably know your altered state but nobody is gonna say anything cuz that'd be rude. In da mouf I get some very soft milk chocolate that develops into a cinnamon / spice hammock where you float away to pleasuretown. The mouthfeel is a finish that lasts about 30 seconds or in slang, "Darryl time."

This is a fantastic daily drinker and I have yet to be disappointed by one of these picks - be sure to visit your local liquor emporium, sans cocaine, and pick one up!