Parker's Heritage 11 Bourbon Review



Bad Wine Reviews loyalist and sample god, Caleb Gibson of Gibby’s Bottle Shop in South Carolina, whipped this over to me faster than a Chick-fil-A drive through line. I'm a huge Heaven Hill slut so read on to find out slut stuff.

The Parker's Heritage series is shat out by the Heaven Hill distillery and comes in a variety of ages, flavors and marketing ploys. This taint comes in at 122 proof whilst sitting in some wood prisons for 11 years. Mmmmmmm one would think.

In da nose I got caramel (shocking), candied apples and a whisper of vanilla. The nose was wonderful and I thought quite complex with the apples swirling around all coated with sugar and what-not. Then we took a turn. In da mouf I got a shit ton of spice, oak chips dipped in chocolate and burnt marshmallows. To me this was all harsh with not enough balance of sweet and rich - kind of like how the music industry likes rappers but doesn't exactly like them murdering people.

I was a bit disappointed with this one overall as I thought it wouldn't have so much oak influence and a bit more erotic fruit notes. If you are a manly man that likes spicy oak and you hate warm sheets straight out the dryer then this is for you.