Eagle Rare "Premier Fine Wine and Spirits" Store Pick Bourbon Review



I remember when there were no Eagle Rare picks around and now there's one every 23 minutes. At this party there were three that we tried because we all have the same problem. But it's not a problem if you hang out with people with the same problem. It's a club.

This pick is from Premier Fine Wine and Spirits in Houston who puts out a pretty solid amount of picks annually. You can read some of my other Eagle Rare posts but it's overrated in taste alone but a solid price for 10 year bourbon.

In da nose I got spice and pancake batter. It was like sitting at a Waffle House with a big ol' woman calling me baby or sweetie. In da mouf I got graham cracker, cinnamon and a back hoe full of marshmallow. The marshmallow came through super hard on the finish - this is definitely a 'smore.

If you enjoy really sweet bourbon then this is for you. I wasn't wild about the nose - was a bit too much Barbara Streisand for me. Anyway, that's it.