Treaty Oak Ghost Hill Texas Bourbon Review



It’s been a hot minute since I reviewed a Texas bourbon so figured I needed to get back at it. A little over a month ago I knew nothing about Treaty Oak but things happen, you meet people and all of a sudden I know a little more. We'll leave it at that.

Treaty Oak is a distillery near Austin, TX and for this particular offering is grain to glass. Normally that's hippie speak for a bunch of bullshit but these folks seem pretty upfront with all of their information. What's cool is these alcoholics are doing everything on their own - the liquid in this bottle is their distillate as compared to how many start with sourcing. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH SOURCING SO CALM YOUR TITS, BRETT. This bourbon is two years old and unlike my two year old it only aims to be my friend instead of destroy my things and eat my food.

As this bourbon is two years old it's going to be very light in color, thin and limited on intense notes. There now that's out of the way we can move on. In da nose I got sweet syrup and a metric ton of wheat. The nose was surprisingly a bit sweeter than I anticipated but it was nice. In da mouf I got some nice southern cornbread followed by a field of straight up grass. The finish was the best part - very long without the bitter toddler-aged booze bite.

Overall it tasted very much like a two year old bourbon but I am very excited to see what these folks do as they continue on. I'm digging what they are doing from the production side and am always happy to support people that aren't dishonest twats. See you soon, Treaty Oak...