Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary Bourbon Review



I purchased this bottle because I’m curious like a cat and that gets me into trouble. I'm often a huge fan of all things Wild Turkey so I figured that this would fit right on in with my mouth preferences. Read on to see if I was right (I was not).

This bottle was limited to A MERE 36,000 bottles and was HAND SELECTED by Eddie Russell to celebrate his father's (Jimmy Russell) 60 years of whiskey making. OH I GET IT NOW THE DIAMOND ANNIVERSARY HURRRRRRRRRR! It is a blend of 13-16 year old bourbons which as you may or may not read below that it may or may not run away with smoke and oak - continue reading to find out.

So you've kept reading - yay! Welp sadly this bottle fell well short of other special Wild Turkey products I've had the chance to try. On the nose it's immediately full of honey but then dissipates into this weird grassy thing. In da mouf it is a straight shot to OAK TOWN, USAAAA that loudly jumps off into an uncomfortable spice-tang that I wasn't expecting at 91 proof. Honestly, I would expect more fruit/nutty flavors for a special release like this at the $125 MSRP. I recommend you try the Wild Turkey Decades which I reviewed here!

I'm not like 100% mad because I got it well below that price but I'm going to have to pawn this off slowly to unsuspecting friends who think I'm doing them a solid. Hopefully they don't read this.