The Italian Bird and Me

Here at Bad Wine Reviews we strive for journalistic integrity and forefront reporting. I can personally promise you that you will never find Fake News here and given that statement I would like to present something so monumental that it pushed those of us here at BWR to challenge the very fabric of our being.

Earlier this year the alcohol industry was turned upside down by a young, brave Italian woman willing to put everything on the line for freedom and the truth. She won the hearts and minds of the Houston area bourbon community with her quick wit and determination. Bad Wine Reviews reached out to this young starlet a while back requesting an interview but her wild barista schedule had her quite tied up.

We do not back down at BWR so a last ditch effort was made to request an interview and finally we were granted 10 questions of our choosing for her to answer. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…

An Interview with Wendy Gorgonzola

Many of you may be skeptical about the content you are about to see. I will provide screenshots at the end along with granting Wendy full access to the facebook post to answer any follow-up questions. Please read the questions and answers below completely unedited:

Wendy’s Preface

Sir Daryl, I make best try to answer correctly all the questions and hope I score nice? I think my English lesson help me much to write this and I am a little bit proud of this answers. I hope that I can stay in the Bad wine group and you not throw me out like Boss Kris?

1) Why did you come to the US? 

This is good question and I ask me too much time why I come hear. Many of the American boys talk well but do not deliver well but not find out this after I came to the America. The boy stay boy and not become the man he speak of. Now I stay hear little more and meet some more of the good peoples.  

2) What is your favorite wine?  

Oh this is trick question may be? Many of the peoples here like drinking the wines from the Califoria but  me I can not buy the wines that is good from there, only the cheap wines and this not so good. The good wine for me and the friends to drink in the home is the DOC wine in the Montalcino regione and when I have birthday some time the DOCG :) You can try the Piedmont regione for the good red wine also very good and very good wines in the Langhe regione with good prices but close to my casa de famiglia you find the best Franciacorta sparkling wine that is maked with the champagne method but is not champagne. You like! 

3) What do you miss most about the homeland? 

I think you now this Sir Daryl :) The people of Italia have the very big family life. Mamma pay me to come back home for the holyday soon. I missing the food too with the real food and the cheese from Italia and not the lasagna I can eat here but the real lasagna with the sossage and balls of meat and the hard eggs and ragu and the ricotta like we eat in my mammas house. Not possible to eat good Risotto ala Milanese or the Cassouela stewing dish or the Pane e Salame bread.

4) Why should be allowed back into HBS? 

I ask you the question why I not allowed in the HBS but I think because the facebook page of me was not visible to all the peoples in Houston and only to me so I think that the boss with the name Kris not want me any more. I talk to the nice boss who is Randy and he very nice and let me in the HBS. I hope Kris not crazy with the Randy. I play little with the setting of the facebook and I think now the people can see me again. To learn is very nice for me and all the peoples so nice to me.

5) Do you like bourbon? If so what is your favorite? 

I want to learn more of the Bourbon drink and I like the Old Granddad 114 so very much and I can buy this with my money. I try some times the expensive bourbon like the Blanton but is not so good and I still like the Granddad better. I like the taste of the bourbon in the cocktail very good and like drinking the cocktails good made. Some times I see Sir Chris Morris and also Sir Gene Beck of the Backdoor Cafe speak of the cocktails I like try for making in the home and now I not see the drinks any more because Boss Kris he throw me out of the HBS. 

6) What grappa should someone start on? 

This the very good question to ask and I say that not good reason to start with grappa but start with the cognac or Armagnacs or many of the friends of me drink it with the espresso like the ammazza caffe or the caffe corretto after the food. Not many of my friends in Italia drink the grappa but Papa he drink the grappa from Toscana like the Banfi and in north in Italia is the Nonino factory and good place for visit and taste. May be you take your wife as I not think you are gay may be to Milano and go to the pasticceriacova and eat some very nice pastrie and drink some very good wine or the good cocktails. You then take her to the Peck shop and buy nice bottle of the grappa for her.

7) Have you tried Texas BBQ? If so, what is your favorite? 

I speak of the BBQ some times and eat from the little restaurant some time that has a name of which I can not remember but is not their any more. It is on the Washington road and I think was named the Hillary Hollow. Once I go to almost to the San Antonio and eated at the BBQ place that is called Rudi but is very far for me. I always eat the sossage first.

8. Where is your favorite restaurant in Houston? 

Yes there is I think many restaurant that is good in Houston for me but I like the place near me and has name Luigi’s and next door is the beer shop with name Axelrad that make good beer and cocktails. Is a good place for my friends to hang in the sacks and eat the bestest pizza in the Houston.

9) Do you like Gorgonzola cheese? 

Only my mamas cheese she make some times in the casa di famiglia. I also like the martini made with the olive that are stuffed with the gorgonzola :) May be many people don’t know it but it is very good to marinade the cheese with cognac or the Amaro for one or two days and make the cocktail with the gorgonzola infused Amoro with the water melon and the sciroppo and the limone and some bit of the soda. 

10) What is the meaning of life?

I think better for you tell me Sir Daryl as I think the people in the America think that they must work too much and not live so much. Why you work so many hour? Live life so good and enjoy your famiglia and friends is more important then working so long many hours all the time. Spend more time together in kitchen or outside and eat and talk and drink together with the big famiglia and the friends! All so not judge peoples and be good to peoples from everywhere and help all this peoples is my meaning for the life.