2014 La Spinetta "Ca' Di Pian" Barbera D'Asti Review



One doesn’t have to look far for good wine in the Piemonte region. One may also be a giant douchebag if one uses “one” as I have. I digress! Within Piemonte the Barbera grape can be found and one of its offspring – Barbera D’Asti. Barbera D’Asti happens to be one of those incredible value wines where you can find absolute gems for a very reasonable price. This bottle is no exception.

Barbera D’Asti must be at least 90% Barbera grapes to be given this designation therefore we'll call it primarily Barbera grapes. La Spinetta produces a wide variety of wines but I have to say most of my favorites are their less expensive offerings because they’re perfect right out of the bottle and pair well with a non-Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich meal.

In da nose I got four barrels of oak and a wheelbarrow full of black currant. It’s an incredibly gruff wine on the nose which may turn some of you sissy-tinkles off. In da mouf I got more of a cedar taste followed by ripe raspberries and a finish of lively anise.

As mentioned this wine can be had with a nice meal or just bummin’ around the house in your donut underwear. I highly recommend you get on not only this bottle but the Asti side of the Barbera.