2014 Rodney Strong "Symmetry" Meritage Red Blend Review



I’m going to have to lock up the wine fridge when I'm gone because the Meg is just runnin’ wild and openin' stuff left and right. I mean who does she think she is? She just think her name is on this house? She just think she helps pay for all this stuff? Well yes to those things but CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?!

Rodney Strong wines are a plenty 'round hur as they are producing a shit ton of juice. The Symmetry bottle is part of their "Reserve" wines and is the only pure blend in the series so it probably feels a bit left out.

In da nose I got oak and strawberry that swirled around forever. In da mouf I got pepper, thyme and a big ol' bowl of mixed berries. So let me tell you what this wine is - drinkable af. That's it. It doesn't come across as complex or memorable - it's just wildly drinkable and there is nothing wrong with that.

Wines like these are nice but I feel are a bit overpriced for what you experience. It's a bottle that you're going to suck down like a big ol' disastrous bowl of cheese dip but then ask your cat, "what were we drinking, Mr. Taxationistheft?"