2015 Casa Santos Lima Lisboa "Colossal" Reserva Review



I’m not sure where I got this wine or if someone gave it to me so if it’s you and you’re reading this stop now. Just kidding but I seriously have no idea where this wine came from so I'm just going to take some random stabs at things.

This is a Portuguese wine and I haven't always had a good relationship with them for one of the reasons being they haven't been good. Or at least I'm bad at choosing them for consumption. I have absolutely no idea what the hell the grapes in this bad boy are other than Syrah. I know that one.

In da nostrils I get blackberry and some mint actually. At first it was very offputting but I gave it a second and it relaxed its girth. In da mouf I get plum and some bitterness like a black olive. Wine Spectator gave this thing a 90 and named it the 60th best wine of 2017 :|

I would possibly be more into this wine if I knew more about it. I'm not as experienced with Portuguese wines so who knows maybe I'm drinking a gem but it's not my favorite. If you think I'm an idiot please let me know in the comments.