2015 Nice Wines "Notorious" Red Blend Review



Notorious is defined as famous or well known, typically for some bad deed. Well this wine may make me go say some bad shit on the internet so I'm pretty sure that counts.

Y'all know about Nice Wine by now but I haven't rated this particular blend yet. This is a Rhone-esque blend with the Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre taking up a majority of the bottle. On the surface I should love everthing about it because this is my jam - read on to find out.

In da nose I got chocolate covered cherries for miles which was wildly pleasant. I figured this would be a bit more fruity in the nose being an American version of Rhone blends and I was not disappointed. In da mouf I got berries, salt and a tad bit of green olive on the finish.

This was a very good interpretation of a Rhone blend but taking into account the lack of earthy notes and price it's a bit hard to compare it to my boys over in CNDP and Gigondas. If you're in the mood for something Rhone-ey but different I would look no further.