2016 Conundrum White Blend Review



THIS WINE PUTS ME IN SUCH A CONUNDRUM HUEHUEHUEHUE. I'm sorry for that. So here's another Wagner Family production with another SUPER SECRET BLEND OF SECRECY! As you obviously read my review of their Bonanza Lot 1 wine they do not release where they source from. So it would only make sense they would not let us know the percentages of this wine because by doing so we'll all quit our menial jobs, copy their recipe only to create mediocre ass wine.

If the backstory to the name of this wine is something like, "Ol' Julie was tryna come up with a name and she said what a conundrum! So we all laughed then got naked and banged! Thus the name Conundrum!" I'm gonna be real pissed off...

In da nostrils I get margarine and peaches. It's actually quite pleasant. In da mouf I get lemon zest and and tangerines. The initial taste is delightful but then the finish collapses into a chardonnay ass taste that just isn't my thing. If you like chardonnay I think you will REALLY like it because everything else is working for it.

This is a decent sipping wine - I'd like to see it more around $16-17ish but $20 isn't horrible. Again if it weren't for that chardonnasty ending I'd be all over this.