2016 Irwin Family Vineyards "The Bull" Red Blend Review



I was wildly impressed with the 2014 vintage so I figured hey why not drink every vintage they make? I missed the 2015 because I'm LAZY but who's judging? Y'all. Y'all are judging.

Where to buy this you ask? I get it from Nice Wines over in west Houston. I'm sure there are other places that sell it but that's the only place I've seen it. They also make a bottle with a bear on it but that's for a different clientele.

In da nose I get raspberries covered in raspberries topped with raspberries. There's also a slight hint of licorice in there but you have to smell REAL deep-like. In da mouf I shockingly get raspberries, apples and oddly enough a pinch of salt 'n pepper! It's like a fruit sammich or something. Anyway, this one comes off a bit more fruity than the 2014 I had so I rated it slightly less. The 2014 had very bold pepper and earth notes that I like to get naked with a lot of the times.

I still think you should give this bottle a try. They do a damn good job over there at Irwin Family Vineyards and I would love to visit them someday in my tightest spanx.