2016 Nice Wines Charity "Periwinkle" Red Blend Review

Name: Periwinkle Charity Bottle
Vintner: Nice Wines (California)
Type: Red Blend (click
here to read about it - no blend percentages given)
Notes: Chocolate covered Cherries, A Drunk Chick Talking to You About the Environment, Blueberry Pie, Buttered Bread
Price: $50
Bad Wine Reviews Ranking: 3.51 / 5


I would consider myself a pretty big asshole 97% of the time but the remaining 3% I try to devote to charity and one of those involves the good that this bottle goes to - the Perwinkle Charity through Texas Children's Hospital. The charity continues to support children who are survivors of cancer which is pretty damn great.

As mentioned above in the "type" the spec sheet is available but does not indicate the blend. THIS IS UNFORGIVEABLE! JK - I'm guessing it is something of the grape variety.

In da nose I get chocolate covered cherries all damn day. The nose is really sweet but then calms down with that chocolate aroma. In da mouf I get blueberries that have been assaulted into a pie and then morphs into a delicious French bread thing covered in butter. This bottle is fantastic. The finish lack slightly but that tends to be hit or miss with blends.

Do everyone a favor - buy this bottle so you can enjoy good wine and give to something really great. The artwork is from a child who benefits from the charity which is fan-freaking-fantastic. Thanks, Nice. Great work.