2017 Four Graces Pinot Noir Review



I have purchased this bottle multiple times but haven’t had an opportunity to review it because my wife either crushes it with friends or I open it after a few too many. I finally decided to get into it because I think I liked it but probably should test it in an aware state.

This is an American Pinot Noir and hails from the only place Pinot should be grown in these here states - Oregon. Specifically Williamette Valley where California Pinot growers wish they could be. I don't know shit about this winery other than they named it after their four daughters. I have no idea if they are hot (or of the age if we can say that) but if you visit they probably have pictures so please report back.

In da nose I got hay and cheese which I've found to be pretty typical of many American Pinot Noirs. Cheese isn't a bad thing - it's that very stout earth note that tells you, "I'm a Pinot Noir and I'm proud and also a little sour so eat shit." In da mouf I got raspberry for days. If you drink this and don't get raspberry you should abandon all hopes of picking out notes. I also got a shit ton of minerals which is another classic Pinot Noir giveaway.

Overall this reminded me a bit more of a California offering than Oregon which disappointed me like a father learning his daughter got a job at Hooter's in medical school. It is obvious to me this is a high quality wine and would appeal to those that absolutely love an earthy-mineral Pinot but I would have liked a bit more fruit to balance it out.