2017 Lucas and Lewellen Viognier Review



Viognier sounds like something you put on toast in France or some sort of option for a Tesla. Lucky for us it's a grape varietal that we can suck on.

This is my first wine from Lucas & Lewellen and it came in the form of a wine club surprise. From what I can tell they're very upfront with all their information, as you can tell from the back label, and enjoy the letter L. I'm glad they decided to hook up with some Viognier because that's one of the under appreciated varieties that I love oh so very much.

In da nose I got lovely notes of kiwi and lemon zest. You know when the bartender spends all that time peeling that lemon skin for ya to garnish your vodka-soda so you can work up enough courage to go talk to that scag over there? In da mouf I got a bit of mango, some pineapple and a finish of melted butter that's just dying for some crab.

This was a pretty tasty bottle. It wasn't anything pretentious or shitty - just a very enjoyable bottle that wanted to be consumed. I highly recommend it.