2017 Prisoner Wine Company "Saldo" Zinfandel Review



I have passed this bottle and it’s 1990’s label maker label hundreds of times in the store and I finally decided to pull the trigger because I'm just a damn sucker for wine I haven't had. I also am a sucker for ice cream, the fappening and Zinfandels.

The cool kids in the wine world will shit all over this bottle because it's part of The Prisoner Wine Company and that makes them roll their eyes which makes me roll my eyes at them. I have really grown to love Zinfandel because it is just all over the place in terms of characteristics. So if I'm going to take a chance on a wine I love to lean Zin.

In da nose it was like stepping into a humidor - lots of cedar and tobacco. In da mouf I got chocolate, strawberries that were bought for sex stuff and some coffee for the after party. I very much enjoyed the aromas but wasn't wild about the richness of the wine - came off a bit too much.

I think this wine would appeal to a lot of people but it just wasn't exactly what I love in a bottle. The nose bumped it up on points but I could do without the coffee shop bee-bop.