2015 Trefethen Cabernet Sauvignon Review



I visited my local grocery store and ran into the store’s wine guru so of course we got to talking about what’s going on in the alcohol world. After some catching up I hollered for him to pick out a wine I haven’t had and that it better be really fucking good or I would be really pissed off. He paced around a little bit - I could tell his entire life depended on picking out this bottle - and he came back with this dude. I have to admit at first I was a bit judgy because I’ve passed this bottle up a few times but I figured eh what the hell.

I got home and my wife popped it open immediately because our house has been inundated with stomach viruses and coughing fits so let’s just get right to it, yo. She literally pulled the cork out with her teeth - she’s an animal.

On the nose I got a ton of soil and peppermint which was weird - that’s weird right? Eh but that’s what I got. I tell ya what - that was a good wine, yo. It was dry and had deep blueberry hints while maintaining that URF sensation. It was all the things I like in a wine. I made the mistake of setting the wine down to go tend to the pizza oven to produce that beauty down there (LOOK DOWN OKAY) and my wife preceded to just destroy the bottle. When she does that I know we’ve found a killer wine. To me, the best wines are those that before you know it, you look down and it’s all gone.

This wine paired hellaciously with the pizza and I’ll be going back for both soon enough. Even though Trefethen is a silly ass name, you should get this wine and pour it on someone.