2013 Prunotto Barbaresco Review



We decided to take the girls to the zoo yesterday because it was a humid, hot day in Houston and what better way to experience it than outside around manure? After riding the carousel 83 times, staring at giraffes for 45 minutes and ruining my knees in a crawl-through tube to look at the meercats in a 105 degree acrylic bubble we decided to check out a pizza place - Candelari’s Pizza.

Let’s talk the restaurant first - this place was incredibly welcoming and patient with our escaped convicts. I highly recommend this place if you have kids. The pizza was fantastic and their wine selection, while limited, was spot on for an Italian restaurant - a lot of focus on the Piemonte region which is my happy place.

We decided to get this Barbaresco even though I knew we didn’t have time to let it aerate for the appropriate amount of time - GASP! I have not had any of Prunotto’s wine before so I was bright eyed and bushy tailed, yo! I took one sniff of it and mentioned to the Meg that it wasn’t ready to drink - basically it needed a few more years. I checked out some info on Wine Spectator and sure enough they recommend holding until 2022 so I’m essentially a Master Sommelier and I should be given all your money.

That being said the wine drank beautifully for not aerating or being of legal age. It was slightly tart and the fruit notes were, early on, a tad overpowering but chilled out a bit once our pizza arrived. I picked up some licorice and strawberries but I’m probably wrong. If you do get this wine make sure to serve it with a bold red sauced pasta or pizza like meeeeeee! The best part is we crushed the entire bottle in like 30 minutes between catching falling food and telling small humans to SHUT THE HELL UP (jk, they were really good).

I hope you fools get into the Barbaresco and Barolo game because you’re certainly missing out if you do not. Start with one like this in the $40 range to get your feet wet before you realize the greatness and empty your savings for the better stuff.