2008 Marchesi di Barolo Sarmassa Review



Barolo. The name alone should send shivers and excitement down ya spine. If not, you're a peasant.

In order to be classified as Barolo, the wine needs to be aged for at least 38 months before its release (18 months of that must be in da wood). If the wine makes it to 5 years of aging prior to being thrown at the public then it can be labeled a "Riserva."

I know you have read / watched all my things so you must know that Barolo should truly air 2.5 - 3.5 hours after opening to reach its full potential. We of course did not practice such art with this bottle because it was 8:30 and we were about 4 bottles of wine in. But Imma review this dude anyway.

The aroma was excellent - rose and Christmasey spices were present along with my dad scowling at me because I rated a favorite wine of his low because it's not my jam. In da mouf, it was bold and not for the weak. You must have some practice before diving right into a Barolo - pepper spice and an intense mouthfeel greeted you because IT'S A BAROLO, GUY!!!!

I gave this wine the score I did because it lacked importance. What I mean by this is while it was delicious it did not leave a lasting impression and once the bottle was done we were onto the next one like the next strip club at a bachelor party.