2012 Pasquale Pelissero Dolcetto D'Alba Review



This vintner is one of the many throughout the Piemonte region in Italy that my family befriended on our wine guzzling / hoarding adventures. The owner is an awesome, eclectic woman, named Ornella, that is extremely passionate about the art of wine making. I had the pleasure of seeing her at Vin Italy (Italy's largest wine convention / festival / greasy Italian deal making emporium) and her absolute love of wine came out in full Italian force.

This wine is called Dolcetto D'Alba and is produced from, you guessed it, the Dolcetto grape. Now let me tell you what fucked me all up. You would assume that Dolcetto means sweet and that the sugar level of the grape is astronomical - WRONG, MOFO! Dolcetto wines are typically dry, as this one was, and can have expressive fruit notes.

Aight so now that you are a Dolcetto expert let's talk 'bout this wine. Dolcetto D'Alba just simply means a Dolcetto from Alba (town) and it is a wine you should put in your mouth. In da nostrils, it has dark fruit notes and whispers of an Italian grandmother yelling at you for walking in her garden.

In da mouf it's ripe with some cherries but finishes with some harsh tannins - this is the reason for the sub-3 ranking. If you can find this wine, or any wine Ornella makes, you should buy it and give it a go. As you drink it know that my body was in the place it was created.