2015 The Federalist "Bourbon Barrel Aged" Zinfandel Review



This is one of those wines that as you're purchasing you're definitely expecting it to let you down faster than Jared Goff. I convinced myself to put this mofo in the basket because I really enjoy Zinfandel and you really don't need to spend a lot money to get a solid one. It wasn't until I got home I realized it is aged in bourbon barrels so cheers to a most likely gimmicky piece of shit.

Before we discuss the wine I went and checked out Federalist Cellars online and they claim to be a "craft" winery which means they produce limited quantities and are defined by some other hippie-ass qualities. LMAO there ain't shit craft 'bout these guys - they're producing thousands of cases of wine. They have this quote on the website, "...crafted in some of America’s most renowned regions with the same rebellious spirit that created a nation." Wat. Unless you are murdering British people or stirring the wine with your dicks it's not really rebellious.

Nonsense marketing aside this wine is actually pretty solid. In da nostrils I get clove and cherries and you can tell it's gonna be a spicy wine with them there bourbon barrels. In da mouf there's copious amounts of pepper and plum and many times with these bourbon barrel abominations you get too much spice or wayyy too much sugar. This is a nice balance of spice on the front and fruit on the finish. I will definitely buy this wine again and make fun of their silly website.