2015 La Storia Red Blend Review



This is my second test of the Trentadue La Storia series and it passed with flying colors! I can't believe I was sleeping on this brand for so long but it is quickly becoming a Bad Wine Reviews favorite!

What I love so much about this brand is the ease of drinkability. Opened it up and before we knew it the bottle was gone. In da nostrils, I picked up some pomegranate and that's about as long as the sniffing lasted before I shoved it all in the stomach. In da mouf, I got some sort of berry and the finish was loaded with those red Twizzlers - love em. I served it with some delicious Tomahawk Ribeye which paired quite well. If there is a negative it's maybe that the finish is limited. Meh.

If you don't quite want to spend the money on the $30ish Cab but want to test out this brand I would highly recommend picking this one up. You shan't be disappointed.