2016 Chappellet Mountain Cuvee Review



Chappellet sounds like something you ask to be done to you in a Slovakian brothel so I was totally in to give this one a try. I've actually had some of their higher end products and I was pumped to see it finally carried in my local grocery store. Poďme!

Chappellet has been a California standard since the early 70s and continues to set the standard for Cabernet and Cabernet blends. Many people know Chappellet for their signature Pritchard Hill Cab Sauv which is real good, real expensive and fuh real not at my house because I'm po.

But we ain't here to talk about that wine. We here to talk about this Mountain Cuvee because Chappellet sure won't - it's not even on their website. Not sure if they are embarrassed by it or not but they shouldn't be! I quite enjoyed it. In da nostrils I got clove and big oak notes. In da mouf I got chocolate and a wild amount of blackberry. It's very thick but not to the point that you're choking it down wondering if you're drinking liquified beef jerky.

I think this is a very reasonable bottle and even though it sounds like Slovakian sex stuff I recommend you give it a try. The $36 price tag may be a bit intense but it's just a small peek in to their higher end line. MAKE THAT JUMP, YOU SERF!