2016 La Storia Cabernet Sauvignon Review



I've been eyeing this cab a while now in the HEB. I've seen it staring at me as I pass by. We would make eye contact then look away to avoid detection - we were drawn together by some unknown force. Tonight I finally gave in - I made the purchase.

I had researched this wine and can find very little on it - it's actually part of the Trentadue family out of California - this tells me jack shit.

This wine was one of the most drinkable wines I've had in a long time. While it wasn't complex like a high schooler who has tattoos and rides a motorcylce it was bright and fruity without being overly jammy - this is something you find in wines of this price and type. I picked up notes of heavy oak, the datiest of dates and the good jam you get at grandma's house.

I think there is a missing category in the wine world - speed of drinking. If I could assign a term to it I think I would call it the Guzzledorf Factor. This has a Guzzledorf Factor of 8.4 ChugWomps which is outstanding. Seriously, y'all this was an absolutely drinkable wine that would be great on any occasion.