2016 Seghesio Sonoma County Zinfandel Review



People always ask me what are high rated wines under $20. Besides being insulting assuming I would go out of my way to help you it's also wildly subjective. What do you consider to be highly rated? By what nonsense rating service? Do you share my palate? If you do how are you in my mouth? Get out of my mouth unless you're...well, let's stop there. Anyway as absurd of a question as it is this is one that fits the bill.

Seghesio first caught my eye when I had to drive about 15-20 minutes to a Kroger for decent wine WHICH IS LIKE OMG THE WORST. At this location they had their "Home Ranch" line which is about double the price but an absolutely must-try / must-buy wine. I was spoiled like the bag of salad everyone buys but never eats by these wines and then I realized they had less expensive offerings. Turns out these are damn close to the more expensive bottles.

In da nose I got spices and berries that have been working out and possibly doing roids. In da mouf I get cinnamon and some blackberry cobbler. It's a thick Zinfandel but not jammy to where you're picking out skins and seeds from your teeth. I absolutely love Seghesio and Zinfandels are quickly becoming one of my favs.

So yeah this is a highly rated wine at $20 and if you don't give it a try I'm not sure what you're doing, baby. Get up off that couch and go get you some...wine.