2017 Saint Cosme Côtes-du-Rhône (100% Syrah)



I'm 'bout to hit y'all with the best kept secret in wine. This bottle is probably the best value in the wine world and I'm willing to fight to defend that notion. Join me on a 3 paragraph tale.

This wine hails from southern France near Gigondas where even the table wine tastes of angels and has a sort of meth addiction. The best thing about this wine is it's inexpensive ($19) and is continuously rated high by errbody.

In da nostrils I get lots of oak and some spice/herb stuff that I probably can't spell or pronounce. In da mouf there's lots of blackberries and earth with vibrant tannins that make you whooooooop like an Aggie who overpaid for a coach.

Listen just buy this wine, give it to yo bed mate and then yell at strangers.