2017 Fortnight Cabernet Sauvignon Review



Please stop making the joke, “SO IS THIS THAT VIDEO GAME HARRRRRR” because I’ve heard it a few thousand times. If you don't know what I'm talking about Fortnight is a video game played by middle school boys and athletes and it takes up a ton of people's time. This wine didn't take up much of my time as you can tell by my rating.

Fortnight seems to be a part of the Victory Wine Group which looks to have a shit ton of wine. You know the wine is going to be of the utmost quality when they have 9334 variations all across the globe. They have some bullshit story about a fortnight being two weeks, optimal harvesting time, transformation of grape, blah blah blah. Whatever.

In da nose I get eucalyptus and apples. The nose gives off the impression this is going to be a sweet bomb of death - read on to find out! In da mouf I get peppers and a no shit grape icee-pop. So it wasn't insanely sweet but it wasn't as dry as I like it. AND I LIKE IT DRY - SO DRY. The finish is this typical high volume, low cost wine feel of "oh we're drinking wine wanna watch Knocked Up on E! and maybe mess around later?" It be what it be.

It's a little sweet for me and is quite forgettable. I think this wine would be much better suited around the $12-15 range. Much better values out there at $20.