2016 Jose Maria da Fonseca "Waterdog" Red Blend Review



I picked this wine up because I thought it would be neat to try something different - I went against everything I believe in and bought it for that reason. I was swayed by the Portuguese Waterdog which apparently is a working dog that herds fish into nets and retrieves lost tackle. Anyway let's talk wine.

I could find zero information on this wine. Therefore I assume it's harvested and made by indentured servants trying to work their way out of a drug deal gone bad where their family was threatened. The only way to save them was to work at the drug lord's cousin's winery.

I poured this wine into two different style of glasses and got two completely different aromas. One was horrible and the other was not horrible. On the not horrible side I got earth notes. On the horrible side I got sour eggs. In da mouf, I got more earth notes but it seemed like it needed to open a bit - this is where I got mad.

Bruh, this is a $14 wine. You are not allowed to need time to open up. I should open you up, pour you into a glass and then I should turn into a suburban housewife about 5 vicodin in. I don't want to have to think deep about a $14 wine. Pour well, drink well and get me a little buzzed so I can talk mad game to my wife and watch American Dad.