2016 Guarachi Wine Partners "Bacon" Red Blend Review



Let's be real. I bought this because it said Bacon on it and it was on sale for $16 (normally $20). I have no shame. Honestly though - it's actually not bad.

This is the perfect wine to open after work and drink with literally anything from a Pop Tart to pasta to some Doritos. Preferably Doritos. In da nostrils I get raspberries and in da mouf I get the sweetness of a red bell pepper right away. The finish comes off as very floral and dissipates quicker than a whippit. The mouthfeel is that of a $20 wine so don't expect something wonderful like Ryan Reynolds caressing your gums.

Try this wine if you want as I don't think you'll be disappointed but you won't faint from it's magnificence.