2015 Daou Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Review



So this is the big brother of the wine I recommended in Bad Wine Reviews Episode 1. I am a huge fan of the base Daou Cab Sauv so figured I would give this one a go.

I started by aerating with my Vinturi and decanting for 1 hour. I like to shake my decanted wine after pouring to really liven it up and expedite the process. It's also super pompous and self indulging.

On the nose you get intense fruits and licorice. If you want to get the full effect I recommend a bordeaux style glass which has a larger "bowl" that will really give this wine room to jazzercise. I had this wine with grilled mushrooms and onions, a rare filet and a baked sweet potato. The wine had two wildly different tastes before and after biting into the steak. The wine pre-steak seemed jammier than desired but the post-steak taste was exceptional. I got notes of cherries and black pepper. It paired brilliantly but I have a recommendation...

Buy this wine and let it sit for another 2-3 years. I think some of its fruitier notes will mellow to give this a bolder, spicier wine that will knock your socks off. I do not think it is ready yet but it is still a very pleasant wine if you just can't stand it. The price is a tad high - I'd be better around 40 but as much as I liked the base Cab I cannot complain too much.

If you really want this brand RIGHT NOW go and get the regular Daou Cab Sauv and drink until your heart is content. I will definitely buy another of this bottle and put away to try when I'm older and grosser.