2016 JCB No. 5 Rose Review



As the #1 fan of Whispering Angel I always unfairly compare any and all rosé to its mighty girth. I have to learn to stop doing that so let's try.

This JCB No. 5 is the brainchild of Jean-Charles Boisset and his love of things Pinot Noir and Chardonay-nay. This is an easy drinking rosé that is a nice stepping stone from sweet to dry in this category. It is my expectation that all of you adults will graduate to dry rosé or you might as well eat every meal at Chuck-E-Cheese's.

On the nose I'm getting hints of rose (the flower not the chick that works at Thigh Slappers) and butter. I would enjoy this wine with some goat cheese or a nice hard Asiago. If you want to pair it with a meal I would suggest some seared tuna or sushi - gotdang sunnn that would be delicious. Throw you some rice and butter boiiiiiiii.

The taste is about what I expected - a very nice, easy drink with a less-than-spectacular finish. That's not to say it is bad. On the contrary, rosé seems tough to make that thunderous finish so I'm not disapointed. I'm getting peaches which makes for nice FriDAY drinking in this terrible humidity. This is the perfect bottle to drink 2 of then go yell at a server at a restaurant for forgetting your cheese stick order for the 3rd time. This gets better as it warms up so don't serve super cold.

Overall it is a better than average rosé that you should take a chance on. It will compliment the snobbiest or trashiest of gatherings and is at a very nice price point.