2012 GD Vajra Barbera D'Alba Review



So we picked this wine up on our 2015 European wine buying extravaganza tour and it has been patiently waiting for us since then. It is from the Piemonte (pea-mawnt-eh) region of Italy - specifically in Barolo.

You immediately pick up a heavy oak smell on the nose which I quite enjoy. The taste is a bit tart at first but then finishes with some spicy pepper. The tart is a bit of a meh for me but I really enjoy the pepper flavor.

It's an incredibly smooth wine and I would say is priced right. I know you can get Vajra's wine here in the states but it might take some looking. Their wines tend to do well Wine Spectator as well.

I would pair this wine with pasta in a rosé or vodka sauce. The pepper taste would go well with that combination. The other thing I like about this wine is it doesn't feel like you are drinking maple syrup in the summer - goes nice with the heat. You should drink this wine during a marathon for sure.

Overall good wine but don't spend more than $28-30. $20-25 is the right price for the taste.